About Us

The word Miiriya is a word from the African language of Bambara/Dioula, my native language. The word means “Thoughts” and “Ideas.” It can be used in many ways. In specific cases you can use it with other words to mean “Philosophers” or “Thinkers.”

Miiriya.com gathers people who believe in ideas, change, and come together as creatives and thinkers to make those ideas come true. It’s a place that aims to provide you with whatever comes to mind.

Vendors can sign up using the human icon at the top right on the website. There are no transaction fees and no listing fees. I pay out of pocket to maintain the website’s bills.

My name is Lonnaa, I’m the creator of this website. My goal is to create convenience for shoppers who want to support black businesses seamlessly, while also creating a surge recirculating the black dollar.

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