A Woman named Anndel Taylor unfortunately passed away during the Blizzard in Buffalo, upstate New York.

Taylor was driving home from work when her car got stuck in the middle of the Blizzard. She was trapped inside for 18 hours before someone was able to find her.

She shared videos with her sister, Tomeshia Brown, to try and continue updating her on the situation. Here’s the last video she shared:

Brown told the police the car in the video was of another woman who got stuck and had her emergency lights on and was asking her for help.

According to Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, Taylor called the police and continued waiting for them, but everyone who came also got stuck:

“Fire department, police, everybody got stuck,”

Steele asked why a state that was known for snow wasn’t prepared, didn’t have the tools to find and get her daughter out to safety.

Brown told her sisters in a group-chat that she planned to get some sleep and walk to safety if help hadn’t arrived by the time she awoke.

Steele told reporters Taylor only moved back to Buffalo from Charlotte last year to help with her sick father.

Taylor’s mom desperately pleaded for her relatives to go back out there and try to find her. Her relatives eventually found her, she stated:

“That’s when they busted open the window and seen that she was in there,”

Here are text messages from the group-chat Tomeshia Brown shared:

Steele believes Taylor likely died of carbon monoxide poisoning, she stated:

“The car was running, and the snow was still coming, so it blocked the pipes, the exhaust pipe. Then after the car cut off, that’s when she iced up.”

Steele said the death came soon before her 23rd birthday, and that Taylor still has presents under the tree.

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