Email: [email protected]

Something Wrong? If it’s regarding an order please Login/Register and click “Orders” then go to the Order you’re having trouble with and you’ll be able to speak to the business you ordered from directly, your issue will be solved within 24 hours. To Register as a Customer or Vendor on the app, go to the home page and click the “Login” icon and you’ll see the Register button. To register on Desktop, click the Human icon at the top of any page and you can register.

If the Vendor didn’t configure their shipping correctly, you found a bug, or you have suggestions/feedback please contact me on Twitter or Instagram below:


  1. Is there international shipping? Yes but it depends on whether the individual vendor does/set up international shipping. Miiriya isn’t the one that ships, the vendors do.
  2. Can you search vendors by location? This feature is coming soon
  3. Can international vendors sign up? Yes


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