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    2 months, 2 weeks ago ·

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce some of the soaps I make. The Hello Kitty and Marvel come in their full sets and the soap base is Shea Butter. They can be ordered without color and unscented. The Charcoal Activated Soap is a bundle and can come scented or unscented.
    (KAA) Khp-Ra Ancestral Ankhverse

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Tanita Curry

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Grandmother of 3, the newest edition just made her entrance two days after my birthday on June 9, 2022. I have been a healthcare worker for more than 20 years, in school right now to get my bachelor's in health communication. I started my business in January 2022 but launched in March.  I do handmade candles and soaps and I am looking into learning and doing more. I am a spiritual woman who studies and practice Ancient African spirituality. I love helping people and that is my vision to do through my business,  helping those in need. I also take care of my mother who has dementia and she lives with me and she is another reason I started my business.  I wish us all success on our paths! Ase


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