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    Fellow Anime lovers!👋🏾 Hii I am Kiana Owner of KikiKawaiiKeys 😁 check out my page for Anime related items😻 Keychains, IPhone Cases +more❤️‍🔥I am new here so make sure to check out my 20% off newbie discount😶‍🌫️

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About Me



Hello fellow SUB anime watcher 😂 (jk I like dub also)

Got tired of not seeing the anime keychains that I want.  😪 So I decided to make my own 👉🏾👈🏾 and whoever else that likes these as well🥰

🛍Check out my shop 👋🏾


♡Glow in the dark keychains

♡regular keychains

♡Iphone cases

♡hair clips +more!

👀Watch me pack your order, see shop updates 👀..follow me on Tiktok♡ @Nezukobff 😌


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