Instagram Paid Promotions

Instagram Paid Promotions

I normally find posts I feel will be aesthetic enough to boost Miiriya’s engagement, so that it raises the amount of downloads the App gets, and then raising the the overall sales for everyone/increasing everyone’s chances of getting sales. To help me pay Miiriya’s bills I’m now letting everyone post directly to the app to promote their Miiriya shops.

Just a few rules and tips:

  1. This is to promote your Miiriya shop, so outside personal things can’t be posted. You can mention that you want them follow your page.
  2. Make sure what you want me to promote can be found on Miiriya.
  3. This is going to be on you to make the post do well, in other words you should choose good/beautiful photos or videos, the more aesthetic something is the better it does. Posts have the possibility of going viral on the page, but they also have the possibility of not doing well, it depends on you, so choose beautiful photos or engaging photos, however you’d like to do it. If you’re picking stock photos with a white background and just posting, and it doesn’t do well, that’s fine but understand that’s the result of your actions.
  4. You can also ask me to choose how to do the post for you if you don’t have anything specific, I’ll chat with you on instagram and give you suggestions on how we should post.

First send $20 to the cashapp $miiriya, then use the form below. Then message me on Instagram with the content you’d like me to post and the caption, I’ll check the info you fill out below and message you back to get started:

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