Miiriya needs help

From the Creator of Miiriya,

Hello! I apologize to ask, I’ve been running Miiriya for 3 years now since 2020 with no problems, but there’s something that happened to Miiriya and I’ve been fighting on my own since last December 2021. I tried going through it alone, but I’m no longer be able to by myself. I never directly ask, but it’s been extremely difficult. Collective generosity from anyone seeing this will really help so I can finally catch up to damages so running Miiriya can become smooth for me again. Please consider giving anything at all if you can. You can scroll down below to see read what went wrong.

PayPal or Credit Card


This will be used for Miiriya servers, Miiriya’s bills that I’ve fallen behind on to keep running, payments and damages the hold has caused, and be able to bring Miiriya back to not only stability but also be ahead, so everything runs properly.

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