Please Read:

1. For the moment, Miiriya can only raise $900 for each person. It started out at around $100, grew to 200, 300, 400, etc. As we grow the $900 will also rise. This is so every person can get a fair amount. It takes a few days for someone to be able to reach even $300. For this reason, amounts like $10,000/50,000/100,000 cannot be raised, if so we’d be raising millions in combination and that would take literally up to a whole year for each individual 50,000+ goal, and the people who need small amounts immediately (which is what I created the Mutual page for) won’t be able to get it quickly enough, it’ll be too split and focused on those big numbers. If we could raise that amount, if we had that sort of pull, we’d literally be building hospitals and shelters, please understand this. One day we’ll be big enough to get to those numbers. A lot of of you have asked for number like $50,000, $70,000, $120,000, mathematically speaking, right now we can’t. The amount we can raise for individuals is rising, we will reach higher goals in the future, I’ll do my best so that we do.

2. Please do not lie about the amount you need. There are a lot of people who need help and everything is being allocated to those who need it. If you need $50 for a phone bill, please give your story and say that. If you need $400 to help fix you car, please give that exact amount. Please do not go to the maximum because the maximum is available, there are a lot of people who need help.

3. For now, Miiriya cannot help with certain things, I created the Mutual Aid page for people who need attainable help for emergency needs or situations they cannot get out of. Miiriya can help for things like if you haven’t been able to eat in a while, help with rent, help with fixing your car if it’s help you get back to work/or it’s used for work, bills around the house. For now, Miiriya cannot help with things like Tuition, paying for your college books, pets, (unless you’re disabled and the pet is to help with your disability), funds for entertainment/netflix/money to release your album etc.

4. Because there are so many people who need help, we can only raise funds for you once, so that others can get a chance. As we grow we’ll raise that number to much more, to even be able to completely take you out of the problems you face at once.

5. If I haven’t posted you yet, it’s most likely not your turn yet, there may be other people ahead of you. I’m not ignoring or leaving anyone on read, I’m just very busy throughout the day, I see what you wrote and make it mental note and also save it in an organized way with labels in files. If you feel I’m taking too long, you can actually message me as many times as you’d like and as you feel comfortable with, I may make a mistake and not add you to the list/label you correctly, so message as much as you’d like.

Thank you for understanding.

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