30 Day Path for Personal Growth


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We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how far we’ve come. You’re certainly not the person you were 5 years ago, and you’ve grown so much since just last year. Let’s get into it!

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This journal represents a path of personal growth. It holds daily affirmations, descriptions, and writing prompts that are followed by blank pages to offer limitless ways for you to respond – The journal is the foundation of a product that, essentially, you create; and much like your path in life, your journal will look different from anyone else’. It preserves your day-to-day interpretations throughout 30 days of reflection, and your written or drawn expressions will allow you to evaluate the growth you can achieve overtime.

You will forever be able to use this product as a tool in your life’s journey. The 30 Day Path was created with CBT guided prompts to support your current interpersonal skill development and problem-solving strategies for daily living. Don’t worry if you struggle with being consistent! The paperback and wraparound high quality print makes it durable and convenient to to store at home + carry on the go. 30 days dedicated to you, I challenge you to just try!


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