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For my baes who wish everyday was your born day, this buttercream aroma will have you feeling sweet. So sweet that your taste buds would be jealous of your nose.

INGREDIENTS: Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Phthalate-free Fragrance

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    My sweet buttercream aroma will last the longest if you treat me right. I love to be rubbed all over your body right after a shower. Use my buttercream scrub to exfoliate then slather me on damp skin. For an ultimate vibe, run you a hot bath, soak, exfoliate then smooth me over your body. I will make you feel sleek and soft all day long. Keep in mind though, a little of me goes a long way.


    I work best on my kinky, coily and curly baes. I bet you didn’t think I could get beneath each strand of your hair, did you. I love to leave a trace of my sweetness in your tresses. I work best when you hydrate your strands first, then glide me through your hair to leave a nice shine with a buttercream aroma. Even for my kinky coily baes, a little goes a long way.

    This cream is perfect for a bday night full of ACTivities 😉

    Please make sure test on a small path of skin for skin sensitivies before you use all over your body. Also, as good as I smell, do not eat me.



    • Deeply moisturizes skin
    • Keeps moisture locked in
    • Aids in reducing eczema and psoriasis
    • Promotes wound healing
    • Aids in calming irritation
    • Relieves dry, cracked skin (elbows, hands, feet, knees)


    • Keeps moisture locked in (works well adding water/liquid to hair first so the Sweet Butter can lock in in)
    • Moisturizes hair
    • Increases softness
    • Relieves scalp irritation


    • Helps relieve dry, cracked lips
    • Adds shine and moisture


    • Removes makeup while calming irritated skin
    • Moisturizes skin

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All sweet butters are handmade fresh upon order.


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RETURNS & EXCHANGES Our Sweet Butters are handmade fresh for each Butter Bae. We DO NOT recycle our Sweet Butters, so you can be sure that they are meant specifically for you. Due to this, we do not accept returns or exchanges simply because our customer does not like the scent. However, if you believe that you have been sent the wrong Sweet Butter or a defective product, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you!


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