Eleggua – Eshu (Road Opener)


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❤Eleggua – Eshu (Road Opener)❤ Owner of crossroad, gates and pathways, especially between the earth and the divine realms. All ceremonies and rituals must first have his approval before taking place. He is a very powerful Orisha. His Haitian equivalent is Papa Legba. There are 256 paths from Eleggua-Eshu each one having a specific purpose….. This candle will open up roads to love, money, success, and just about anything else you can manifest ????? Purchase our road opener incense to go with the candle. Please add the shipping product from my store to receive products. This is how you will pay for shipping.

Remember these are dressed with herbs so there will be a big burn at this end make sure you smother it.

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Our candles are made of soy and the fragrance comes from essential oils. We don’t use fragrance oils because we only use exactly what is needed for the conjure. Our candles contain herbs so you will have a big burn at the end so you can smother it with the top.

Write out your intentions which is whatever your heart desires. Place it under the candle. Place a glass of water next to the candle as an offering to the spirits. Do not blow out the candle you must smother it.

Allow 7 to 10 days for processing.


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