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Intuitively made custom waistbead cocreated between you, me and the divine. I allow the energy I feel when creating to guide the outcome of the beads as well as the answers you provide to the add ons. Constructed using durable wire, fishhook claps with the addition of a 2 inch adjustable wire. Built to last.

Waist Size? *

What is the size of your waist? All waistbeads include a 2 inch adjustable chain so measure where you wish for them to sit.

Colors *

Which colors would you like to see on your waistbeads? Any specific way that you would like to see these colors?


Select the amount of crystals you would like. I pay forward the worth in crystals so for example if you say 15, that would be about 8 Rose quarts and Amethyst rounds or it could be one large Amethyst. I will reach out to you for more details.

Needs *

Do you have any concerns/imbalances in regards to chakras that I can address in creation? I.e low self esteem (solar plexus), low sex drive (sacral), feeling ungrounded (root), lack of self love (heart). Any other concern will be attributed to a color/crystal/chakra. Will contact with details.

Preferred Crystals

Do you have any crystals that you prefer and would like to see on your waistbeads (if you have selected the crystal option)?


Are their any specific charms that you would like to see? I.e flowers, trees, nature, hearts. You can be general or specific. I choose as I create in relation to what I feel called to select.

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Hi, I’m Bendu and I make waistbeads just for you. I am a deeply intuitive being, an energy reader and when a piece is commissioned from me, I allow God to guide my hands. Every bead, every crystal is chosen with intention and made with your needs in mind. I am welcoming to any body, any form, and shape and will co create an art piece with you.

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