I Know The Love (Original Fine Art)


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I Know The Love I Crave Exists/I Feel It Pouring Out Of Me, 2021 original fine art piece by the artist B.N. Blithe de Carona. This piece is a 9×12″ handmade collage on mixed media paper. Free shipping & free print included in order.



“I created this piece after ending a brief, intense relationship with an artist I’d respected, admired & considered a friend for years before we began dating. Our relationship started & ended during the pandemic, which-as if navigating love during lockdown isn’t difficult enough, we were also doing it long distance. Doomed from the start! My former partner worked an industry job & their full focus was always on work. The few moments we spent together were consumed with me caring for them & watching them work. Whether it was running baths to help ease their tired muscles from working, bringing them food on a literal silver platter as they took hours long meetings, watching them sleep after being exhausted from working, or listening to their goals for their personal work. I was always caring for them when we were together. But our time apart was also dominated by me caring for them. I was constantly listening to pitches & making business suggestions, sending care packages, talking them through their friendships & work relationships, etc. I decided to end it once I realized that after all the work I was putting into our relationship, all the physical AND emotional labor spent, I couldn’t even get them to mail me a letter. I had begged for months for them to just mail me a letter. But even that was too high an expectation; they lied and said they’d sent me something then exploded when I asked them why they lied. They were angry with me after I waited patiently for two months for a package that had never been sent. It made me realize that I couldn’t trust them and that I had lowered my standards tremendously in order to be with them, so I broke it off. While I regret the fact that we sullied our friendship by attempting a relationship, I don’t regret ending it at all. Because for all the work I did to make things go well for us & to make them feel safe & loved, they weren’t willing to reciprocate any of my efforts. I deserve someone who wants to hold a mirror to reflect my energy. I know the love I crave exists. I feel it pouring out of me! And I’ll happily wait as long as it takes to receive that same depth of love from a deserving person who wants to build a long-lasting, egalitarian relationship with me.” -B.N. Blithe de Carona

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