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An ebook to help new (beginner) first time investors get started with investing in; Stocks, Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Forex.

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The following document (also referred too as “notebook”), is meant to inform the readers of a few of the many financial assets including; stocks, options contracts, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, and non fungible tokens. This notebook will provide information based on notes, resources, and information gathered by the author, Kayla Garrett.

This notebook will cover the financial assets stated earlier at a basic level for beginners in the trading space. There is a lot more to learn, but this is a good informative start for newbies.

Kayla Garrett is not a financial advisor, or professional. This notebook should be used to inform readers of the basics of the financial assets included, and should be utilized as a tool with your own research as well. Investing has extreme risks that should be taken into account before investing.

This product is a downloadable ebook that will be sent after purchase.

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