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Numerology is the only universal language there is. Numbers make up our world. Using numerology find YOUR number vibrations (or gift a reading to a loved one) and utilize it in your everyday life. In order for this to work, please note to provide full name and birthday (I overstand its personal information, but kinda have to to get CORRECT results).



Find out your core four numbers and what Deities would like to work with you. Four core numbers include life path number (or life cycle), Expression number, Gift Number, and Soul Urge number. Learn what your warning/stress numbers are so that you can actively avoid them or take your interactions in stride. Learn the character traits of your core numbers, your “Best Days”, ruling planets and chakras. With deity linkage you have the option of choosing up to two different Religious/Cultural deity backgrounds (i.e. Egyptian, Orisha, Hindu, Greek, etc). Learn what recurring deities are your strongest links to petition. Numbers make up our universe and is the same language all over the world. To some, numerology is more solid grounding than astrology or even Tarot. Tap in!

You will receive a digital copy of your chart for safe keeping (keep it safe, this is the blueprint to you).


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