Organic Frankincense Oil | Handmade Oil for Anointing, Blessing/Consecrating, and Spiritual Use


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Upon purchase, you will receive an amber glass dropper bottle of 1 ounce of frankincense oil that has tiny bits of frankincense resin in it. Notice the beautiful golden color of the oil!



For thousands of years, Frankincense (the sap like resin from the Boswellia tree) has been prized, sought out and used for both its mystical/spiritual and therapeutic properties.



-In the Holy Bible, Frankincense was not only gifted to infant Jesus, but it is also a highly mentioned and known as incense


-Ancient Egyptians used Frankincense in their spiritual practices


-In some spiritual and magickal traditions, Frankincense is used to cleanse/purify, anoint and bless the practitioner and their altars, tools, and sacred spaces


-In some practices, Frankincense is used as an offering to angels and other spirits


-Frankincense is connected to the higher/celestial/spiritual realms and helps to bring spiritual aid to the person/user/spiritual worker.


-Frankincense oil is also known to have many healing and therapeutic uses, be sure to look up the various ways it can help the human body.



My frankincense oil is hand made by me of only two ingredients: organic, ethically sourced, fair trade Frankincense resin and organic fair trade olive oil. Each small batch of frankincense resin oil takes several weeks to make and get to a concentrated oleo state.



I purchase my frankincense from a small company that cares for its balsam/Boswellia trees and the company DOES NOT over tap the the trees for their resin. They allow the trees to heal before they retap the tree for the resin, and they rotate the trees in which they extract resin from. This means that my frankincense source does not always have frankincense resin available, but its ethical and better for the trees. 🙂  The company also pays their workers FAIR WAGES for their work. Yay!


This is what makes the vibrational difference in the finished product!


Remember that the plants and herbs are our spiritual allies and we must treat them with respect!



Once I have the resin, I then hand make the oil. When using the oil, only a few drops are needed at a time. This bottle will easily last you one year.



If you have any questions about my Frankincense oil, don’t hesitate to contact me!






I’m Q, and I’m a hoodoo rootworker, spiritual worker and magician. I’ve been working within the spiritual realm for 7 years, and I’ve been reading tarot for the public for the past 2 years. I’m a wife and pet mom to my doggie, and I have been pushed by my ancestors and spiritual guides to offer my spiritual services to the public. Its not the easiest life, but as a life path 7, I enjoy helping others via spiritual means. All of the herb blends and herbs and other services that I offer to you are things that I use myself in my spiritual practice with success that help me to enhance my life, enhance the life of my family members, and help my enhance the lives of my clients. As cliche as it sounds, some of my best work is money drawing, success work, and divinations (if you my client, follow my/your rootworker’s advice).



About my offerings and services:


-All readings & services are performed by me, Q.

-All incense, baths, & blends are handmade by me, Q. in small batches.

-All herbs are organic, fair trade, & ethically sourced.

-All herb blends, incenses, oils, & baths are made from organic, vegan, cruelty free, fair trade, & ethically sourced herbs, oils, & naturally occurring items.



Need a specific herb or a custom blend made? Contact me and I’ll see what I can do!




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Return policy: I do not accept returns on any items due to C-19, and there are no refunds on any non tangible spiritual services that I perform for you, as once completed, I cannot get my time or energy back.  If you are curious about an item, please message me so that I can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to be confident in purchasing from me. I am an ethical hoodoo rootworker and an ethical spiritual advisor and magician. I always seek to provide you with the best spiritual items, help you resolve spiritual issues if feasible, and resolve customer issues for you if any should arise.

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