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This listing is for a 1 ounce (by weight) resealable packet of Hoodoo Money Drawing herbal blend, which is handmade by me, and it’s what I use in my own spiritual spell-work workings to bring me money.



If you are doing candle work and fixing your candles with this blend or rolling your candles in this blend, you can easily fix 5 household size (the 5-6 hour candles) or taper candles with this packet. You can easily fix 3 Jumbo size candles with this packet too. At little does go a long way! If you want to use it as a floor wash, you can fix floor wash water at least 3 times with this packet.

I hand create this blend from more than FIVE different herbs and plant allies! It truly does pack a punch!

This is blend is made based on the Hoodoo Conjure tradition, and when used, it often brings money to in a variety of ways, both quickly (quick is defined differently by all of us) and in ways you may not expect!

When I use this blend for myself, my household and my clients, I/we receive:

*gift cards

*money as a gift

*unexpected refunds

*discounts on a variety of goods and services

*new business clients

*new business from previous clients

*and even free meals!

My husband often gets unexpected bonuses at work when I work this blend!


The very first time I created and used this blend my husband and I got:


*a $700 refund from our home owner’s insurance

*a $70 refund from our car insurance company

*my husband got a $2K bonus at work out of the blue

*I got a raise at work


Yes, all of this was within a couple of weeks of using this blend in a candle working, no lie!



*****NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE PATH FOR MONEY TO REACH YOU BY, a business, a side hustle, a job, etc******



The coincidences when using this blend is the money magick working for you, so enjoy!

I must state that when using this blend, if right after you do your working/spell, you find a penny on the ground, pick it up and be thankful, as that is the beginning of money coming to you!  So if your job provides overtime, you may get called to work overtime. If you have a side hustle, business will pick up a bit. if you’re in school, you may get an unexpected reduction on your school balance or you may get a small scholarship out of no where. If opportunities for you to make money arise, be sure to take them!


Best use: Take a spiritual cleansing bath FIRST, then do your workings with the blend, praying your desires and needs over the blend. This works amazing on candle work/spells! You can also add some to your wallet to keep your wallet from being without cash.


Let me know if you have any questions about this blend!






I’m Q, and I’m a hoodoo rootworker, spiritual worker and magician. I’ve been working within the spiritual realm for 7 years, and I’ve been reading tarot for the public for the past 2 years. I’m a wife and pet mom to my doggie, and I have been pushed by my ancestors and spiritual guides to offer my spiritual services to the public. Its not the easiest life, but as a life path 7, I enjoy helping others via spiritual means. All of the herb blends and herbs and other services that I offer to you are things that I use myself in my spiritual practice with success that help me to enhance my life, enhance the life of my family members, and help my enhance the lives of my clients. As cliche as it sounds, some of my best work is money drawing, success work, and divinations (if you my client, follow my/your rootworker’s advice).


About my offerings and services:


-All readings & services are performed by me, Q.

-All incense, baths, & blends are handmade by me, Q. in small batches.

-All herbs are organic, fair trade, & ethically sourced.

-All herb blends, incenses, oils, & baths are made from organic, vegan, cruelty free, fair trade, & ethically sourced herbs, oils, & naturally occurring items.



Need a specific herb or a custom blend made? Contact me and I’ll see what I can do!




Shipping Policy: I offer standard free shipping on all physical items to the United States of America. Items are processed and shipped 3-5 days after purchase and in the order that orders are placed and received, excluding weekends and holidays.  I only offer shipping to the United States, I do not ship to any FOB, APOs, etc. Shipping internationally is not available at this time.


Return policy: I do not accept returns on any items, and there are no refunds on any non tangible spiritual services that I perform for you, as once completed, I cannot get my time or energy back.  If you are curious about an item, please message me so that I can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to be confident in purchasing from me. I am an ethical hoodoo rootworker and an ethical spiritual advisor and magician. I always seek to provide you with the best spiritual items, help you resolve spiritual issues if feasible, and resolve customer issues for you if any should arise.

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Refund Policy

Thank you for your patronage! Due to the nature of the items and due to the current pandemic, there are no refunds due to not knowing how to work with herbs spiritually or medicinally, or if one is not an experienced worker. If you have any issues with your botanical order, please contact me via email at [email protected] with your order number so that I can assist you! If you have ANY questions about any items that I offer, please email me before your purchase so that I can answer them.


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