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SingingMadeSimple | Voice Class | FULL COURSE | 5, 30-Minute Classes

This course can act as a companion course to all other voice classes, coaches, and teachers. SingingMadeSimple will help you better understand and apply any approach and method, making vocal technique relevant to you and your specific style of singing and speaking. This course gives each participant the tools needed to nurture a healthy relationship between themselves and their instrument, learning how to care for their voices for life.




Singers and Speakers:


  • ü  Learn to fully support sound by creating space in the throat and core area and by learning to lift the pelvic floor.
  • ü  Learn how to sing and speak without creating tension in your throat, tongue, and jaw.
  • ü  Learn how to support longer breaths.
  • ü  Learn the proper vocal technique to sing higher/lower and more flexible notes.
  • ü  Learn practical habits and exercises that work technique into your everyday life.
  • ü  Learn easy to use and easy to remember warm-up and vocal exercises.
  • ü  Learn at your own pace.
  • ü  Learn a method that will last a lifetime.


Course Includes:

Class 1: Do’s & Don’ts | Learn healthy voice care recommendations
Class 2: Relax & Create Space | Learn to remove tension, relax the throat/jaw, and create space in the core
Class 3: Lift & Move Air | Learn how to access the diaphragm by lifting the pelvic floor to move air
Class 4: Add Sound | Learn how to support and place sound by lifting and moving air
Class 5: Now With Words | Learn how to support words with sound by lifting and moving air under every word | Learn how to apply the technique to your style of singing

Appropriate for Ages 13 to Adult

Intended for daily/weekly use for reinforcement


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