Organic Herbal Smoking Blend

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BPA-free glass jar. All herbs are organic, click on the herb name below to view its benefits.

For people who don’t smoke, you can drink this as a tea. It cuts down opiate cravings and is also a great alternative for those trying to quit smoking cigarettes or cannabis. This can be smoked alone or mixed with weed to enhance its effects. Scroll down to read mixing instructions.
Damiana and Passionflower are excellent for alleviating anxiety, depression and calming your nervous system. Mugwort and Passionflower promote sleep, which can be massively affected by anxiety.

Passionflower , Lavender , Damiana , Mugwort , Mullein


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Many people don’t know that smoking herbs is an old way of administering medicine as it releases the medicine directly into the lungs where it enters the bloodstream. This blend can be rolled into joints or smoked out of pipes/bongs. A good rule of thumb when mixing these herbs with weed is to “start low and go slow”. A ratio of 25% herb blend to 75% weed is a reasonable place to start. Or 1 part herb blend, 2 parts weed.


Mugwort is a little fibrous, but it can be broken up easily with your hands before you add it to your mixture. Mullein may need to be rubbed before use. This makes it fluffier and will burn evenly when smoked in a paper or pipe. Damiana already looks like shake. Passionflower has a lot of sticks and stems. Be sure to remove as many as you can. If you are packing a bowl, don’t worry too much about stems. If you intend to roll it in papers, you may use your grinder or hands to crush the herbs into smaller pieces for a homogenous texture that will help with rolling.



  • Steep for 15-30 mins or overnight. Strain and enjoy! Add fresh ginger, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, limes, or powders if desired.
  • ​Herbs can be used more than once. After second or third cup, throw it away as it starts to lose potency.
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4oz, 8oz

  1. Kisha O (verified owner)

    i was not prepared for how good this is! 💜

  2. Rebecca Wood (verified owner)

    So good!! The herbs smell delicious and smoke easily, it’s floral and sweet smelling so i cant wait to try it as a tea as well! Arrived super quickly and the jar is packed full, I’ll definitely be ordering again once Im out!!! 💖

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