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Our Yoni Pearl Packs come with:
– 3 Yoni Pearls
– 1 Yoni Pearl Applicator
– 1 Pack of Flushable Wipes
– 2 Pads
This is all you should need for your Yoni Detox.
Don’t forget to unravel the string around your Pearl.
1 Yoni Pearl = 24 Hours
3 Yoni Pearls = 72 Hours
You can do one a day or all 3 together at the same time. To use all 3 at the same time you would unravel all 3 strings from the Pearls, tie them together & push all 3 into your vagina as close as you can to your cervix.
** Please be sure that you try to drink a gallon of water a day and as little to no meat as possible! This is a detox. This helps ensure you will receive better results **


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