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  1. Beautifully made.

  2. Got the blue one! Great quality true to the photos. Thanks so much!

    Image #1 from mirmac239
  3. Amazing! I ordered mine for my 1st gen air pods, could not be happier! It’s super cute, and I get compliments all the time. I can hook the carribeaner to my belt loop when i go for a walk; I’m never worried about it falling off. The white silicone on top can get dirty fast but I clean mine gently as needed with Pine-Sol (correctly diluted) and my cleaning toothbrush. I was worried about the top part falling off but it sticks very well and hasn’t come off once!

    Image #1 from elliefromm
    Image #2 from elliefromm
  4. Ever since I got it for the first few days I was addicted to looking from the side to see if someone can see what I’m doing, this works so well that I don’t look anymore, I love this

    Image #1 from Salissa Arland
  5. I LOVE THESE EARRINGS! The customer service is amazing as well! Very polite, quick response and highly customer friendly!

    Image #1 from DeAnna Christopher
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