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Raised $6,625
Lauren Schultz – Sent $30
Alexandra Pamfilie – Sent $20
Ceallagh Hanlon – Sent $50
Mars Bar – Sent $20
Colleen Knipfer – Sent $50
Lylianna Barnette – Sent $20
Ashley Arroyo – Sent $15
Laurie Nyangweso – Sent $68
Anca Maritescu – Sent $25
Jordan Murray – Sent $20
Shauntae Davidson – Sent $40
Thiviya Navaratnam – Sent $50
Emily Long – Sent $20

Hannah Floyd – Sent $10
Sue Ragusa – Sent $20
Aja Heilein – Sent $15
Baer Karrington – Sent $20
Emily Griffin – Sent $100
Janice Gardner – Sent $20
Silke Schroeder – Sent $100
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Thomas Delgado – Sent $30
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Nancy Eveleigh – Sent $10
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Jessica Scoppettone – Sent $30
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Fiona Uskavitch – Sent $100
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Lola La Anormal – Sent $10
Melissa Townsend – Sent $500
Jenika Smti – Sent $10
Kelly Kennedy – Sent $50
K Williams – Sent $3750
Sharyn Blum – Sent $35
Kirstin Ramsey – Sent $20
Emma Hua – Sent $10
Savanna Maynard – Sent $5
Calliope – Sent $50
Kacila Crews – Sent $20
Emily Lifferth – Sent $100
Avery N – Sent $50
Katie – Sent $50
David Monkress – Sent $200
Nichole Heilbron – Sent $20
Sophii Sandoval – Sent $20
Mars Salcie-Gatreaux – Sent $100
Kelli Wagstaff – Sent $50
Bhavani Bin – Sent $30
Nooni – Sent $20
Sarah – Sent $40


(I created this page especially for those who shopped through Miiriya, or those who’ve helped struggling people through Miiriya’s $1 Mutual Aid platform)

Miiriya is marketplace that has brought success to 1000s of Black owned businesses over the years, it’s also helped 100s of people in the community by paying their rent/meals/Uber rides to get to work/groceries/cellphone bills/electricity bills etc, through mutual and was growing beautifully and exponentially in helping those struggling in the community.

After a few years of success, Miiriya was hit hard in early 2022 by an event that damaged us at the beginning of the year- we went viral around December Christmas 2021, with so many people shopping, some chargebacks happened after usps lost packages/didn’t deliver on time/some businesses also didn’t add tracking, our payment gateway account became limited/ was placed on hold because of that, it destroyed us. I put together a lot of new codes in place to prevent all of that now, like codes that auto refund in 7 days if no tracking number is added/auto pause a store that isn’t active, added the different businesses shipping policies to the emails themselves, and coding that ensures businesses have checked that USPS has scanned the package and that it will be delivered, so all those problems are now fixed and won’t happen again.

But it devastated us the entire year.

With all the catching up we had to do, last year in 2022 we did a fundraiser to be able to be able to catch up to damages, it took 2 months of active promotion through a lot of meme/funny/interesting posts with captions to get to the goal, it also wasn’t until someone made a post on how much we helped a friend of theirs who was going through a hard time in life that their post went viral near the end of September and we made it to 96% of our goal at the time, though I thought it would go well, because of how long it took to raise, things got worse during that time and it wasn’t going to be enough. But I asked for/started getting an extension on the bill for our Server to be able to start managing things well enough to bring us back on track, and we started recovering.

As soon as we start making recovery and catching up to damages, we get a message a few weeks ago that an extension can’t be given anymore and 3-months of the Sever Bills needs to be paid all at once.

I spent the last month messaging a lot of Multi-Millionaires who follow us on social media to help us clear the bill. But the majority wanted to purchase Miiriya instead, and turn in into something it wasn’t for, with Non-black shareholders among other things. A lot of things discouraged me in the past month. With so many many limits and obstacles we come across, I wanted to just give up. I also didn’t want to ask the public for help again, and wanted to end things here once and for all.

My mental health is destroyed, the entire year including now I get 2 hours of sleep a night, I lost 40 pounds, I handle 1000s of messages every few days fixing things. I wasn’t active on social media the past month, I fell into an extreme dark depression and couldn’t function. I plan, organize and code very well into things running smoothly, a year after we started I put together a code that gives a section to only Black businesses that haven’t made a sale in a week so they’re guaranteed to not get left behind, it brought 1000s of struggling Black businesses success. Even 2 days before getting the notice about the extensions ending, I just finished putting together code that lets Black Businesses connect/sync all their stores automatically their stores using API from major marketplaces like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon to Miiriya, which would shake the lives of Black owned businesses in a way that’s inexplicable. I want to get back on track to be able to hire people this year.

A lot of people depend on Miiriya, and asked me not to give up here. So I came up with this plan to message everyone individually, personally, to try something one more time.

After having no luck with some Millionaires for the past month, I woke up with an idea this morning. I created this page for people who’ve been following us, have been following our work, those who I feel believe in Miiriya and could help us one last time. I’ve messaged anyone who reaches this page personally, from people on our Patreon, Customers, People who helped someone struggling in the community. I’m doing a fundraiser with no goal to try and raise as much as possible, for future Server costs and future obstacles we may face, to give us enough room to get back on track. If you can please, find it in your heart, to please give what you can. Normally it takes a long while before things can be raised, but there are about 1400 people I’ll be messaging individually within the span of 3 days (Not bulk messaging, actually individually messaging) to try and raise things as quickly as possible, with this plan if we can each give a one-time amount between $10, $20, $30, with 1400 people I’ll be messaging, if even a portion of the people I messaged gave something they could, we can put the power of the community together and raise something significant enough to carry us through the whole year. Please, if any amount of $10+ is in your ability. We’re trying to do this one good time, please, if you can. This will cover the 3 Month Server, and it’ll cover the entire year for us to finally be able to breathe and grow, overcome any obstacle and build more amazing things without the effects of a devastating past year. Please don’t think others who aren’t you will give so it’s not necessary, that’s how a lot of things fall through. If any of those amounts are in your ability, please.

Miiriya can really be one of the most revolutionary things with the amount of people it’s helped, having brought thousands of Black Owned Businesses to success, having worked this hard, we don’t want to fail here, so I’d like to try one more time. With the combination of people being able to easily support Black Owned Businesses, and mutual aid to give to those struggling within the community, I believe this could be one of the biggest things to help the Black community at the extremely quick rate we were growing and the community started taking care of itself internally. Please, if you can find it in your heart to help, it would mean the world.

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