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Hand Painted Terracotta Clay Pots

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Each pot are created with their own uniqueness, fit to match any personality. I love to express my artistic side through my craft. My creations are hand painted and expressed using vibrant, bold and beautiful durable acrylic colors and sealed with a waterproof non-toxic UV protection clear coat, My creations are inspired according to my mood. I have also discovered what is very therapeutic could brighten up any corner, space and bring happiness to someone.

These creative terracotta pots are made to order, these pots are available in variety of sizes XS, S, M, L & XL. All pots are not created equally; colors and designs varies. If there are a specific size or color you require, please feel free to send me a message; I will do my best to make pot look identical to picture!

*if there are a specific custom design or color scheme you require please send me a descriptive message; if you have a picture that would be very helpful.

*Custom order prices varies depending on size of pot and design, the more basic the cheaper!

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Adiva Naami Yisrael


I am a Wife, a mother of 2 beautiful children and full time homemaker. I was born and raised in Charleston,  S.C, I have moved to New Orleans to be with the love of my life. I am so happy I had quit my job as a medical assistant to take care of my children along with pursue my business ( Natural Skincare, Hair Braiding, Holistics, Handpainted pots etc,) quiting the plantation has helped me to realize my full potential. I love helping people, I am outgoing, energetic funny and creative, believe and worship Yahuah(God), I love expressing my artistic side through my craft (Hand Painted Terracotta Pots) I also love making anything vegan, organic and natural to help benefit someones essential needs wether it’s through skincare products to help heal and promote healthy looking skin or holistic herbal medicine to heal and prevent sickness, what has inspired me to create my own natural skincare care products is my love for Mother Earth and the natural resources God ( Yahuah) has provided us to utilize for our health and wellbeing. I hope to get my products out there and become well known in my community. I hope to utilize this platform to help myself and others achieve their goals! Much love