Abena & Ama Waist Beads

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Handmade in Ghana, Africa

In Ghana, waist beads are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being.  While there is a striking resemblance between the Abena and Ama beads, you can also see that the beads used in Ama are of a wider color variety than Abena. Abena is made of lighter gold-colored beads, while Ama has darker gold-colored beads.

Much like a child born on Tuesday and another born on Saturday. But that is not to say that one has more appeal than the other. Their differences make them unique, and the combination of both Abena and Ama will provide an irresistible charm.

 Sizes range from 60 – 72 inches.

Sizes range from 60-72 inches

  • Abena- lighter gold colored waist beads
  • Ama- Darker gold colored waist beads

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