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  1. A pull towards the upper echelon of connection, these candles are born of the love, grit, and camaraderie between us and those who came before. These velitas are programmed to help you see, hear, and strengthen your bond with your ancestors of the highest good, as well as be fiercely protected by them. These insights may come through dreams, physical sensations, thoughts; they will manifest through the senses that move through you best, and work wonderfully as prayer candles to help them elevate and alleviate pains they may have endured in life. These candles are also powerful for helping heal not only ancestral trauma, but the aftermath in the form of illuminating and healing issues in your current living family. With a chamomile base, these sweetly fragrant candles offer a safe space of peace and rest for your ancestors. They work excellently for ancestral elevation ceremonies (medium is recommended for 3 day ceremonies; larger size is recommended for 7 day ceremonies) and as an aid in opening communication, as well as petitions. They can also be used when journeying to the lower world, and can help in clearing issues in said realms. Pairs well with Psylence Roll-On.

This work is not always for the faint of heart, but it is worth it in the chills, love, and thrills of connecting to the magicians of yesterday.

Effects of working these candles may include:

-Strengthened psychic senses, or clairsenses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc)

-Strengthened recall of ancestral experiences

-A calmer mind and more peaceful ancestors, and the ability to find solutions to problems. This is the awakening of the inner genius and tapping into the collective conscious/ancestral cornucopia.

– Strengthened access to and connection to innerworlds; fruitful journeys and deeper protection and companionship with guides in the lower worlds

-Spirit reclamation, or calling back of the spirit due to cases of susto.

Each candle is made with a special herbal blend and comes with instructions, suggested ritual, y mucho mucho amor.

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