Black Tourmaline


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4 pieces of Tourmaline

Metaphysical Description: This powerful crystal is one of the best stones you can use for protection. Very popular and known to absorb negative energy and dark feelings of anxiety. This black crystal is closely related to your base chakras meaning it is good for grounding to surround yourself with a feeling of stability and comfort. *Size and shape may vary, these are authentic crystals and come in various shapes and sizes.

Uses: Protection, Grounding, Removing negative energy, thoughts and anger.

How to Use: Carry with you, Use during meditation, place inside of jewelry, sleep with it, carry while traveling, place in water to infuse the water with the energy of the crystal and spray or sprinkle around a room. (do not ingest)

How to cleanse: Because this crystal will absorb a lot of toxic energy it is beneficial to cleanse this crystal occasionally
– Place in Sunlight
– Burry in the ground to be charged by earth
– Soak in water with the intentions cleansing
– Place next to a charging crystal (Selenite)


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