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Enhance Your Drinking Experience With A Taste You Can FEEL.


Crystal Elixir Water is an ancient remedy used to promote rejuvenation, healing and clarification of both the mind & body. 

Stay balanced & centered throughout your day by drinking from your crystal infused water bottle.


From strengthening connections in your relationships to helping you release toxic energies and more, our crystal infused water bottle fulfills all of its promises to you.


In addition to all the other powerful benefits, the bottle is beautiful. The clear glass allows you to see the contents of your bottle including the stunning crystal, which will shine beautifully when in direct sunlight. The bottle also features a secure steel lid, holding strap and a protective sleeve, allowing you to carry the bottle around with ease — making it perfect for all day use.


Each type of crystal offers its own unique healing properties so you can choose the one that’s right for you.




Each crystal will slightly vary in shape and size. The crystal that you receive will be unique to you.


Balance Your Chakras: The crystal inside the bottle works to purify your water while infusing it with powerful vibrational energy from the Earth. This leaves you with the best quality drink which will in turn improve your mood and emotional energy.


Natural & Eco-Friendly: Made from high-quality & natural materials including glass, stainless steel, and natural quartz, our CRYSTAL-INFUSED WATER bottle is natural, yet durable and will deliver just as promised.


Leak Proof: Thanks to its protective lid, our crystal elixir water bottle will not spill the liquid. Above all, its lightweight feature allows you to easily carry it around.


Easy to Wash and Maintain: Dishwasher safe, keeping this bottle clean is a stroll in the park.


Safe to Use: Featuring natural and purified crystals, our healing crystal infused water bottle is safe to use.


Portable and Stylish: This is one of the amazing features that makes our water bottle a must have. Its portable and stylish design allows you to carry it around easily and with confidence.

Have a crystal lover or healing enthusiast in your life? This bottle makes a fabulous gift!




Clear Quartz 
Achieve and maintain clarity of thought and purpose in heart and mind with Clear Quartz Infused Water. This universal stone is highly regarded and believed to be beneficial to any condition. It’s definitely deserving of a place in your crystal collection.


A powerful manifestation stone, this gem also has the effect of magnifying or amplifying the vibrational energies of all of the other stones. You can combine this with our other crystals for maximum benefits!


Busy day? Take a sip of Amethyst Infused Water! Your busy life should not stop you from staying fit and healthy. All you need is the balance. And, that is what the Amethyst crystal will help you to do. The power of Amethyst harmonizes your mind, body, and emotions. Thus, you will love the feeling of peace and harmony it brings! 

Black Obsidian 
If you want to enhance your mindset and ease all your worries, Obsidian Crystal Infused Water should be part of your health checklist. Stay hydrated and inspired!


Obsidian is great for protecting and cleansing the aura of negative energies. It has been known to help ease stress and anxiety, thus, restoring a greater sense of peace and well-being. 

If you want to be successful on your chosen journey, Citrine Crystal Infused Water can help you with that! Citrine attracts abundance and brings positive energy along with feelings of happiness and joy in life. Enhancing mental power and focus, this powerful crystal can definitely be beneficial to you on your way to prosperity. 

Rose Quartz 
Purify and open your heart to loving vibrations with Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Water. Rose Quartz promotes self-love, friendship, unconditional love, healing, compassion — and can also help restore trust and harmony in relationships.


Rose Quartz is also known to enhance fertility. Plus, as it clears away toxins and impurities, you will also notice a radiantly glowing skin and improved health! 

If you’re looking to achieve an overall deeper connection to your higher self so that you can make the best decisions in all areas of our life, Fluorite Crystal Infused Water can certainly help you with this.


Fluorite is a powerful gemstone for balancing the mind and spirit. It clears the aura of negative energy and psychic debris, bringing clarity and heightened awareness. You’ll also notice feelings of calmness and inner peace as it relieves stress and tensions.

Size: 9.44L x 2.59W
Capacity: 20.4oz/600ml 


Crystal Point Length:About 80-90mm

Each bottle comes with it’s own protective bag for safe keeping and to protect your crystal from prolonged sun exposure.

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  1. bdkusserow (verified owner)

    Quality product! I bought one a year ago and it arrived on time and well-packaged. I broke it due to my own clumsiness and so this year I bought another one. This one was slightly more delayed in shipping due to a technical error, and the CEO Lauren, unprompted, threw in extra goodies for the inconvenience once it was on its way. What a lovely surprise! This whole store is a go-to when I am thinking about buying gifts for anyone in my life. Thank you Soul Impactful!

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