Custom Crystal Intention Bracelet


Processing Time: 5-8 days
Sold by: Cosmix Waves

Handmade, reiki infused, crystal bracelet made specifically for you. Crafted based on your intentions to aid in your healing or manifesting  journey.

Please leave a short description of your goal in healing (ex: anxiety, chakras, memory, etc) or manifesting (ex: love, friendship, money, etc). I will use this to better understand how to customize your bracelet.

You can use this to choose a specific charm (3 max) to be added to your bracelet. I will do my best to find them. No guarantees.

You can use this to customize what stones you would like added to your bracelet. Please do your research about the benefits/effects of each crystal. See last picture for available options.

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This is a spiritual based product. All bracelets are charged with reiki energy. All bracelets come with a free crystal/stone and an affirmation to match. All bracelets are made intuitively (I will choose colors, pattern, charms etc) unless you choose to customize. I will inform you of what crystal stones were used and how they will help you heal/manifest.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .5 × 7 in

Healing, Manifesting

Ready to ship in 5-8 days


Refund Policy

Products are custom made and spiritual based. Refund are not permitted once construction of product has begun.


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