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A neatly crafted kit with all of your unique hair grooming needs

Beard brush

Beard Oil

Beard balm

Beard comb

Beard Wash

Beard Shears

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The Deluxe Beard Kit is a neatly crafted kit with all your unique hair accessories.

-Beard Oil
The beard Oil is made up of all of the essential nutrients and vitamins proven to promote a healthy beard as well as healthy beard growth.

-Beard balm
The beard balm uses a unique blend of essential oils and a nutritional based paste as a foundation. It’s main use is to moisturize your bear and add protection from UV rays that can harm your beard hair

-Beard Wash
The Beard was is comprised of all the nutrients needed to keep your beard feeling smooth and strong. It gives your beard the gloss, and smoothness after washing that helps promote healthy beard growth

-Beard brush 
The beard brush is a smooth wooden brush with bristles. The brush is used to style smaller to medium sized beards as well as put the finishing touches on more robust beards.

-Beard comb
The beard comb is designed to get rid of the split hairs that cause slower beard growth

-Beard Shears
The beard shears are for when you have a few hair that like to grow differently or longer than the other hairs. The shears allow your to simply cut your beard hair into a smooth presentable style

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