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Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to mean the womb, and the female organs. It is the ultimate portal where all creation happens and symbolizes our divine nature. In ancient Chinese Taoist traditions it is also referred as “golden lotus” and “gates of paradise”.

Women for centuries have used this relaxing practice to energetically, emotionally and physically cleanse. This practice is used to nourish their yoni and awaken their divine feminine. Our sacred herbal blends is charged with love crystals to amplify the divine experience.

This sacred herbal blend is formulated to:

♥ release stagnant/energetic trauma trapped in the lower chakras

♥ relieve fatigue

♥ increase vaginal lubrication

♥ prevent/relieve menstrual cramps

♥ ease menopause symptoms

♥ reduce fibroids & cysts

♥ relieve pain from endometriosis

♥ help regulate menstrual cycle

♥ relieve urinary tract infections

♥ balance hormones and PH odor

♥ reduce heavy bleeding, increase light bleeding & reduce clotting

♥ strengthen, tighten and tone the vaginal walls and organs

♥ prevent yeast and vaginal infections

♥ treat hemorrhoids

♥ boost low libido

♥ align & heal post birth

♥ detox entire body through womb

♥ increase fertility


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