Flat Full Body Reference sheet


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Processing Time: 5-8 days
Sold by: SlickyDrip

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  • Base Price: For 1 Fullbody – $250
    ⇒ Extra Fullbody + $100
  •  Headshot + $30
  •  Item + $25
  • ⇒ Complex Backgrounds +50% of the base price

 Color changes on finished commissions cost an additional $15 USD+

Edits, depending on the amount edited, cost an additional $15 USD+

Redrawn sketches / portions cost an additional $25 USD+

Major changes (such as posing, colors, etc.) after the sketch has been approved will be subject to extra charges. Before submitting your form have ALL your ideas to avoid the extra fees and Please confirm all revisions BEFORE approving the sketch.

Reference Add ons

Details Write Them Here! *

☽ Please fill out the form provided below ☾

Type of Commission: PWYW Flat Reference Sheet
Important Info: (extras, minor design changes, etc)
Poses/concepts/ideas/requirements: suggest if anything
References: Please also include a brief summary about the character(s) (bio,personality,etc.)

Image References *

send me any images along with your order for your character! whether colloge or a drawing! even a doodle/scribble will work!

(max file size 20 MB)
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 ☽ Will Draw ☾      

  • Humanoids

  • Kemonomimi

  • Anthro/furry

  • Soft gore

 ☽ Won’t Draw ☾


  • Realism

  • Elders

  • Overweight (Inflation) or extreme muscles

  • Extreme gore

  • Robots/Mecha

  • Futanari

  • 18+

  • Extreme kinks

  • Sexual interations with or between undereaged characters

Terms of Service

☽ ☯ ☾ 


  • This is not first come first serve

  • I have the right to decline a commission request if i find that I don’t have the ability to complete and have it up to my quality standards

  • Paypal USD only.

  • When your commission is accepted. I will be contacting you via PM. I’ll reply when payment is recieved. 

  • Payment must be made within 48 hours of claiming unless otherwise discussed. I will not work on your sketch(es) until payment is recieved.

  • Please send me clear visual references. Any important elements/traits should be noted in text

  • You may ask for minor changes 2-3 times. I will not do more without an extra fee.

  • Please do not poke me about commissions unless I’ve taken over a month or you are not written down on my queue. Typically I take more than 1 commission at a time,

  •  do not rush me.

  • Purchase is only refundable if I haven’t started working.

  • If you have to give me a stick figure doodle to explain what you want PLEASE DO IT! I love when commissioners do this!! It helps a lot!

  • If you are not in my queue please contact me ASAP.

  • Working period : my working process is working on one commission at a time until completion, I’m still partially on break right now so the process may or may not be slow at the moment. For one commission right now it might take me roughly a month or two to complete or shorter.  

  • Once again please do not poke me or rush me to finish, I will periodically send wip stages when I am working on your commission.

☽ ☯ ☾

 ☽The Artist 

  • I will not post your commissioned artwork unwatermarked or as high resolution publicly.

  • I reserve the right up to upload completed artworks, with watermarks, to my galleries and portfolios. I am willing to change this for private commissions and commercial work only, as the fees will cover the portfolio cost.

  • I will give WIPs upon request. I will not redo the piece or do heavy edits however.

  • My artwork heavily relies on me playing around with colors to work in harmony. I may also simplify designs at my own discretion. Please state any concerns before I begin working.

  • I will fee for addon’s, edits, private commissions, and reopening <1 month old commissions.

  • I wont reopen orders that are over >1 month old.

  • Complex commissions will hold a fee the more complex it becomes.

☽ The Client 

  • Client will NOT file a chargeback for any reason.

  • If you’d like a refund please contact me. I won’t refund if I’ve started.

  • Haven’t started: full refund

  • Started: No or partial refund

  • Client does not decide the amount that is refunded. This is up to the artist, based on how much time and effort has already been put into the piece.

  • Client will only use commissioned artwork for personal use (ex: prints for your wall, charms for your bag). Prices listed are not for commercial use.

  • Client will not claim artwork as their own. Proper credit must be given.

  • Client will receive the full resolution artwork with no watermarks. Client will NOT receive a file containing layers (.psd, .sai, .clip, etc).

  • Clients under 18 must have parental permission to purchase artwork or products.

  • Client interested in purchasing artwork or product for commercial use must pay the artist a commercial price rate and state their budget from the initial inquiry.

  • Please state your budget and deadline at the start of your inquiry. You must include all visual references at the start of your order as well or I will cancel and not work with you in the future.

  • Commercial pieces can not and will not be refunded unless I have not started.

  • Be sure to credit my Toyhou.se if uploading to it! I go by Quinncysama everywhere that I post art.

  • Do NOT heavily reference, edit, trace, or copy my artwork.

  • The commissioned piece and any form or part of it may NOT be used for NFT or any service/product/transaction related to NFT. You may not reproduce or alter the image in any way, no matter how unrecognizable it may become, for use in any NFT related purposes. No derivatives of the commissioned piece may be made into/minted/sold as NFT. This also applies to any commissions in the past and future from the artist to any and all clients.

  • If you do not agree to my ToS then you cannot commission or buy designs from me. Challenging my ToS will eventually result in a ban from all of my products.



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