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Discover the essence of ancestral wisdom with Pangea’s Botanica Spirit Water, a moon-charged blend of 13 sacred herbs and salts, perfect for purifying your space and spiritual tools. This versatile elixir offers cleansing, protection, and the opening of new paths without the smoke. Infused with black agate for balance, our Spirit Water is a testament to the living tradition of Hoodoo and Southern Root Culture, crafted to support the African-American spiritual community. Embrace the legacy in every drop. 🌕🌿🔮


Immerse yourself in the lunar-infused essence of Pangea’s Botanica Spirit Water. Each bottle is a sanctuary, steeped for an entire moon cycle, brimming with a potent bouquet of 13 herbs and salts known for their healing and spiritual properties.

Transform your sacred space with this elixir; purify your altars, consecrate your spiritual tools, and prepare yourself for rituals with a few sacred spritzes. Pangea’s Spirit Water is an essential ally, offering a smoke-free option for cleansing and blessing your environment.

Crafted with intention, each ingredient—from the calming rose petals to the clarifying sage, and the balancing black agate—works in harmony to cleanse, shield, and release, paving the way for new beginnings and abundant opportunities.

Pangea’s Botanica is more than a brand; it’s a torchbearer for the revival of time-honored Hoodoo and Southern Root Culture. Our commitment is to empower and preserve the spiritual practices of the African-American community.

Welcome a piece of ancestral wisdom into your home and heart with Pangea’s Botanica Spirit Water, where every drop is a prayer for prosperity and protection. 🌕🌿🔮

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