H.E.R Vagesty Period Panties

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H.E.R. Vagesty 4 layer period panties

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Our Period Panties offers 4 layers of protection, odor protection, and a sense of security. Ladies, I know how it feels to get up from sitting and you have that feeling that something is on the back of your pants. Well not anymore sis! These menstrual panties are skin-friendly, comfortable, and breathable. Our Period Panties is equivalent to 4 tampons. They will last you 2 years.

Please note that the Period Panties may not replace your normal menstrual products depending on your flow so try it at home first before you try it in public. We recommend to change your period panties every 4-6 hours if you wear them without your period products or on your heavy flow days. You may wear the panties with a pad, tampon, or disc. It provides that extra protection from period leaks.

Our Cotton Period Panties are made of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex

See the size chart for measurement. I recommend ordering a size up

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