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Jamelle “One of great beauty”

Kinship and chieftainship is symbolized in various ways in African cultures. One them is the stool/seat on this print. It is believed the elders or the chiefs should always be offered a stool/seat before he others in community gatherings. It is now woven into fabrics along with other symbols of chieftainship. Garments with these symbols were only worn by community appointed Chiefs.

This frame is a purposely lensless fashion statement, All about revealing your boldest, baddest, and most confident inner icon.

Each piece is titled with African names across the continent. The print on this fabric was chosen to convey symbols and messages of empowerment written by those before us.

Frame Width: 150mm

Temple Length: 140mm

Lens Width: 50mm

Lens Height: 45mm

Bridge Width: 20mm

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