Emerald | ~2 pg PDF | Tarot + Oracle

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A 2 page, personalized private tarot reading sent to you in PDF format. Something cute you’ll want to keep! Page One: spread, query, and interpretation. Page Two: Oracle Cards to help with what to do next. 48-72 hour turnaround. Please include your email in the Notes section for follow up.

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No Health/Death/Legal/Pregnancy/Twinflame questions. General readings ok.

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Please include your email in the Delivery Notes section. After purchase, I will send a follow-up email with question form/appointment processing instructions, estimated wait times, etc. as these may change accordingly and without prior notice. Please note that I refuse to do any Health/Death/Legal/Pregnancy and Twinflame readings, and may cancel a reading as per my discretion, for any reason, including breaking any of the above rules. I am not, nor do I claim to be a licensed mental health or wellness professional. Please evaluate and assume any personal risk in this regard. Additionally, all readings and interpretations are not to be taken personally.

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