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Call to action… and exfoliation.

We all have an obligation to stand up for the wellbeing of our brothers and sisters.

Once again, another unarmed black person has been murdered by law enforcement. As a community, we have to rally behind every city and protestor that is out there fighting back for our right to live freely and safely in this country. Oasis Body And Beauty is 100% invested in the progression of the black community, and that includes criminal justice reform and with that, we bring to you Lip Scrub Saturday.

All earnings received from a purchase of a lip scrub on Lip Scrub Saturday will be donated to the Baltimore Action Legal Team and The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia.

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to support our own.

Lip Scrub changes each Saturday. Follow OasisBodyAndBeauty on Instagram to stay in the loop. Lip Scrub sizes are consistent with typical, non-specialty orders.

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