Pinguicula Bug Eating Carnivorous Starter Plant


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See those black spots on that plant there? That isn’t soil; those are annoying, pesky flying gnats. And this little carnivore has a huge appetite for them. Introducing our Pinguecula Butterwort: a captivating carnivorous plant that brings a touch of intrigue to any indoor garden or terrarium…


Butterworts like the Pinguecula species are known to consume a variety of small insects. Here’s a list of some common bugs that butterworts can eat:

1. Fungus gnats
2. Fruit flies
4. Small House flies
5. Small beetles
6. Moths
7. Aphids
8. Thrips
9. Whiteflies
10. Small ants

These tiny carnivorous plants utilize their sticky leaves to capture and digest these insects, supplementing their nutrient intake in environments with low levels of available nutrients.

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