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Juju bags, also known as mojo bags, are the very expression of ancestral grit. With nothing more than herbs, words, and scraps, those who came before us made potent spells and anchors of their will. They serve as physical reminders of what we are actively choosing and commanding into our reality, activated with a simple touch. They are catalysts of epiphanies; plant allies and connecting medicines that weave intention and reality together. Each bag is deeply sealed with crystals, herbs, and personalized intentions towards breaking generational curses around money, aligning the user with the frequency of joy and financial abundance, and helping the user build discipline around money in a way that is not restrictive. Both bag and oil are personalized specifically for the user. These bags are not intended to make you a millionaire overnight, but they will help you recognize your worth, release outdated ideas around what you can and cannot have, activate creativity, and improve your money flow significantly. They catalyze opportunities for toy to grab: these juju bags help you tap into the vibration needed to heal your relationship with money so that you can have more of it. 💸💸💸

The 2oz dressing oil can be used to feed the pouch (strengthen its energy and help you revisit your intentions) as well as for anointing yourself and adding to baths/candles, and magickal workings. Though each oil is personalized to your needs, all are programmed for protection of your finances & all the beautiful things that come as a result of this medicine.

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