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Elevate your space with Pangea’s Botanica Spirit Wash 🌿✨. Infused with sacred herbs & moon water, this wash cleanses your home & nurtures your spirit. Unleash the power of ancestral blessings and wisdom.


Unveil the power of ancestral wisdom in every corner of your space with Pangea’s Floor Wash. Crafted for the modern seeker with reverence for Hoodoo and Southern Root traditions, this wash is not just a cleanser, but a gateway to spiritual clarity and protection.


Infused with a potent blend of sacred herbs and oils such as Lavender, Red Cedar Tips, Palo Santo, White Sage, and Rosemary, along with the purifying essence of Dead Sea Salt and the lunar-charged blessings of Wolf Moon water, our Floor Wash is a tool for transformation. The added touch of lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender oils, mingled with an alcohol-based disinfectant and a biodegradable Castile soap, ensures your space is not only energetically harmonized but also physically pristine.


Perfect for sanctifying new homes, nurseries, or reclaiming your area after visits, our 4 oz. concentrated Floor Wash transforms 5 gallon of mop water into a powerful elixir. Each bottle holds the knowledge of the ages, inspired by curios from yesteryear’s Southern pharmacies frequented by Hoodoo and folklore healers.


Pangea’s Botanica, as a proud Black Veteran-owned enterprise, is committed to nurturing the legacy of African-American spirituality. Our concoctions are not just products; they are beacons of advancement and guardians for our community’s spiritual journey.


Embrace the legacy within each cleanse, and let Pangea’s Botanica be your bridge to a home filled with the richness of ancestral blessings.


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