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General tarot reading for the duration of 1 hour 🙂

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For this session I will be offering you A “General Reading “ . A General Reading is used to illuminate your most prominent issue or cause for concern at hand .  For the duration of 1 hour, we will dive into the tarot to dissect the following :

1.current situation at hand 

2.current blockages regarding your situation 

3. How to overcome your situation 

4. Advice 

During the reading I will pull additional cards as well as furthering my questions to the tarot as I go deeper into your reading for better clarification.

During this tarot reading , we will go from the beginning all the way to the end .By the end of your reading , you will have gained clarity on your most recent situation through the use of the cards. This is a process that is beneficial for the development of one’s soul journey .By being open to trust the tarot, you are unlocking your own intuitive gifts

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