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My first work of art set for release to the public had to be something that represented both my talent for design and my love for the art. My attention to detail, as well as my expression of faith. So I made the image of what I believed to be the most important variable in the universe- The Original Woman of Today casted in Solid .925 Sterling Silver entitled “The Mooress”. 18K Gold is also available

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The Mooress- What Is It?

Part 1

The Mooress is the first piece in a line of tributary art pieces designed to uplift Asiatic and particularly Moorish culture available to the public. Mansa Musa New York’s goal is to make an impact in a pre-existing industry by creating history in the promotion of the culture of the Moors and in the propagation of faith of the various Moslems within the Moorish community.

Part 2

She is the first to be crafted and presented because The Mooress, like her living counterpart, is indeed the first in the line of physical creation. She (The Asiatic Woman) is the Mother of Civilization and Queen of the Universe. Suppressed Theologies around the world support the notion and acknowledge the Original Woman as God. “The Great Mother”, “Allah”, and whatever name chosen to refer to the Highest Power or Universe has been endlessly personified as a Woman and a Son with the phenotype belonging of those referred to as negro, black, colored and African-American. And these people, who have been called African by everyone but the people of Africa, (not)mysteriously can be found all over the world by different names, and acknowledged as the original and indigenous people. After years of research I conclude that the original woman of the world, regarded by the world both scientifically and theologically, is indeed the Asiatic (colloquially and erroneously misnomered as negro and it’s english counterpart black) Woman. Furthermore she is belonging to the Nation that is regarded in the world both historically and anthropologically to be the founders of the civilization in the Old and in the New World. This is my Tribute to HER.

Part 3


Her hair is meant to depict the different textures of Asiatic women, the cosmos of the universe, the bloodclot of conception, and the human brain- Simultaneously. Can be set with stones

Her face is a question mark because she is literally the answer to the question “Who  Is The Original Woman” The Keeper, Custodian, Nurturer of the planet Earth. Mother of Civilization and Queen of the Universe. She is the answer to the question. Can be set with stones

Her chest is adorned with the Pentacle also known as the Moorish Star, the Moroccan star, and the Seal of Solomon. It is the symbol for Venus and inherently femininity. Also, it is found on the flag of the Moors and represents Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. 

Her neck, directly above her chest a small indentation rests representing the throat chakra and the powerful communication abilities of Woman. Can have a precious stone set.

Her Arms are holding up the whole of creation in her mind and thoughts- testament to the physical strength and endurance of the better part of the Moors.

Her Body is shaped with one of the more easily identifiable phenotypes belonging to and attributed to Mooress’. Although highly objectified, I’ve chosen our body type to be historically accurate as opposed to socially acceptable.

Under her thighs, her legs are rounded to visually remind the observer of Her divinity. That she is not grounded nor limited in neither movement nor representation as she is ubiquitous- ever present.

Her Navel also is indented to represent the Root Chakra and her womb both contributing further to the Creation principle she was designed with. Can also be set with a precious stone.

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