Traditional Waistbeads: Yemoja’s Design


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  1. Yemoja’s Waistbeads
  2. Two additional sets of tie-on waistbeads (complimentary colors and crystals)
  3. An email containing more info about the healing properties of the crystals in all 3 sets.

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Physical products are shipped in a reusable & recyclable mailer made of recycled plastic.

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These Orisha (god/goddess) inspired waistbeads are made in the traditional method (meaning they are to be tied-on) and they are “permanent”. Click hereย  to see my tie-on instructional video. (And hereย  is the instructional video for tying on an anklet!)

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Yemoja is an African diasporic goddess (Orisha) who originated in the Ifรก belief system of West Africa. Click here to learn more about her, or visit our IG instead: @thequeens.peace


(Length: 11 inches)

(Length: 18 inches)

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This design consists of repition of the number 7 and the colors blue, teal, and white, all of which are associated with Yemoja and her home, the ocean. The tiny dark blue bead that separates each section represents Olokun; there is a story that says Yemoja was born when Olokun split himself in half in order to have a guardian for the upper ocean, and a woman to help him really create life. Click here to hear Blaque Witch YaYa tell the story.


We will be adding more goddess inspired designs from various spiritual traditions, so be sure to check back if this goddess (& crystal) energy(s) doesn’t resonate with your needs right now.


When we started out, we wanted to use only unblemished beads in each design in an attempt at perfection because we thought that that was the best way to show reverence to the divine; we didnโ€™t even use the beads that fell on the floor as we worked.ย  As we went on, however, we realized (remembered) that perfection, as we were trying to pursue it, was impossible.ย  And, by association, it was disrespectful for us to believe we should try to pursue it as a way of showing respect. (We also re-vamped our workstations so that fewer beads fall on the floor. ๐Ÿ˜˜)


90% of my glass seed beads were purchased wholesale from a small, Black-, woman-owned businesses.


All products are not returnable and non-refundable. Please note that tie-on waistbeads are “permanent,” but that does not mean they are unbreakable. Most likely, your set will eventually break one day (as no physical thing is truely permanent).

If that day happens within the first 30 days of your purchase, please message us on the app, DM us on IG, or email us at [email protected] so that we can find the best solution together.


When a traditional set breaks in our sleep, that means it has filled its spiritual purpose in our lives, so we are ready to set new goals/intentions with a new set of waistbeads!


***This product contains small beads that can be hazardous to small children. Please be careful when tying your set and disposing of any extra beads.***

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