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Vagesty is your one-stop shop for women’s health. Get the ultimate all natural, ph safe bundle to help restore your ph balance and keep her fresh.



In the Punani Snap back bundle you will get Jewelz (boric acid suppositories), All natural feminine wash and All natural feminine wipes.

Jewelz capsules come 30 capsules in a bottle. The capsules contain 600mg of boric acid (if you would like tea tree oil please leave a note in your order)

Femme wash has Lavender and tea tree oil. It has a light scent and lathers smoothly, leaving you feeling fresh.

Feminine wipes is infused with all natural aloe vera, leaving you feeling fresh. They are individually wrapped and perfect for travel size.

You may use Jewelz to assist in treating BV and/or yeast infections only.  (Vaginal suppositories, not to be taken orally or while pregnant/breastfeeding). Directions: To treat vaginitis insert 1 capsule 2x daily for 5-7 days. To maintain ph balance use 1 capsule weekly, or once after intercourse, or once after menstrual cycle. Be sure to include probiotics in your diet such as yogurt, drink 4-6 bottles of water or more daily, eat veggies, wear cotton underwear, avoid harsh chemical soaps, avoid wear tight and wet clothing, avoid sleeping in underwear at night, use scent free detergent.

Feminine wipes and wash are ph safe and can be used daily on the vulva only.

If you have any questions text the community text number. Text Miiriya to 8324005664.

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Boricacidwithwashandwipes, Boricacidwithteatreeoilwashandwipes


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