Vendor Biography

Yo! My name is Angela Wise. But I go by Sam. My pronouns are he/they and neopronouns are fine too. I’m trans, nonbinary, and a oshian (black sapphic) demiromantic asexual. I am a afro-german american (Yes that means im black). I have dabbled in multiple different creative arts throughout my 22 years of living. I’m the Owner of CJOAT, Creative Jacks of All Trades and the hashtag #ArtofTheDemis and #MyObjectOutlet on Twitter. I also have commissions open in digital form. I also do photography as a hobby. I also accept donations and tips through Paypal, Ko-fi, TransferWise, and Venmo.

Please text my phone number, i don’t answer phone calls i don’t know due to severe anxiety.