A 7-year old boy who’s been taking swimming lessons for over year is being praised as a hero.

Massiah Browne, a child from Staten Island on a trip to California with his family was by the pool when he spotted something at the bottom. He saw it was little boy and swooped in.

He told reporters:

“I saw this little boy at the bottom of the pool, I went to go get him and then I brought him up.”

Paramedics rushed to the scene and brought the 3-year-old boy to the hospital.

Massiah’s family says they’ve stayed in touch with the boys family and he’s going to make a full recovery and is doing much better.

Massiah’s father, Marcus Browne told reporters:

“Massiah’s 7 years old, so for him to save somebody out of a pool, it’s unbelievable,”

According to Massiah’s mother, he dove 6-feet deep to save the boy, who had his mouth and eyes open.

Massiah had been taking swimming lessons for over a year for the previous year.

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