Snoop Dogg admitted on CNN’s new film on Dionne Warwick: “Don’t Make Me Over”:

We were kind of, like, scared and shook up. We’re powerful right now, but she’s been powerful forever. Thirty-some years in the game, in the big home with a lot of money and success…

She was checking me at a time when I thought we couldn’t be checked. We were the most gangsta as you could be, but that day at Dionne Warwick’s house, I believe we got out-gangstered that day.

Warwick said she told the group of rappers:

You guys are all going to grow up. You’re going to have families. You’re going to have children. You’re going to have little girls and one day that little girl is going to look at you and say, ‘Daddy, did you really say that? Is that really you?’ What are you going to say?


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