Students post a video of a teacher at an HBCU getting a student arrested

A video is now going viral after students are reporting a teacher for calling the authorities and getting a female student arrested.

The students who witnessed the incident in the class stated that the teacher was arguing with the student, and wanted the student to apologize to her in the end for raising her voice. Her classmates say when she didn’t apologize the teacher called the police to have her removed.

Here’s the video going viral:


The student that was arrested stated the professor assigned a group project where students had to write an essay separately and do a group presentation as well. She said the professor got to her late and told her 6 hours before they were supposed to present that the essay she handed in was done completely wrong.

The student said she couldn’t redo the essay in 6 hours but wanted to do the final presentation with her group so the rest of her group wouldn’t get a failing grade. The professor refused, and that’s when the argument started. She says the professor started screaming at her, and when she rose her voice back at the professor she was asked to apologize. When she wouldn’t apologize the professor called the police.

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